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Job Salary Working Place Subordinate AddTime
Business manager negotiable Foshan heap technology co., LTD The sales department 2016-10-18

Job responsibilities:

1, orders management: to each business order review, price management supervision;

2, contract management: according to the need for cooperation agreements and contracts, review all kinds of business terms of the contract;

3, suppliers management: business behavior supervision and coordination of supplier;

4, purchasing and supply management: according to the company's business needs, preparation of annual and monthly purchasing plan;

5, operation management, set up and combing the ministry of commerce management system between various departments and process system, the implementation;

6, after-sales service and customer relationship maintenance and management

7, warehousing logistics, timely grasp products, material inventory and dynamic, arrange delivery, allocate reasonable inventory;

8, familiar with the process of financial processes and operating system software

9, responsible for the coordination of various departments and companies work ?