About US

        Our company, founded in May 2010, mainly designs, produces and sells LCD, LED TV, intelligent mobile audio, projector and other products. Our products are mainly sold to Southeast Asia, South America, Africa and other regions.We have more than 150 people staff in china, and more than 20 manager working abroad, our sale revenue has maintained steady growth year by year, annual sales of 2016 are more than twenty million dollars.

        Along with the upgrading of products and the market requirements, since 2013, our company start scheduled for transformation and upgrading of product structure gradually, and finish at the end of 2015 to the thorough transformation of the products, to achieve product diversification.Now on the basis of the CRT mainboard, we gradually transformation in LCD/LED TV power board, AD  board, audio board ,Smart toilet board and other electronic circuit board development, design, production, as one of professional suppliers, focusing on the r&d of electronic circuit board products and design, according to customer requirements tailored appropriate electronic products solution.

        In order to adapt to the company's future development planning, in early 2016, we has cooperation with local customers in southeast Asia, set up the Lcd/led production line,making the complete TV set ; According to China One Belt One Road, in 2017 we registered company and own brand in Africa, localization strategy, to make our products closer to consumers, market reaction is more efficient and quick, more depth to expand the market demand, to seek cooperation with clients and establish a win-win business cooperation.


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