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How to maintain the audio

Date:2018/7/5 10:48:31

The normal working temperature of sound equipment should be 18 to 45 degrees Celsius. Too low temperature will reduce the sensitivity of some machines, such as electron tube machine. Too high is likely to burn out components or make components premature aging. In summer, pay special attention to cooling and keeping circulation. Scientific maintenance of audio equipment is the key to prolonging its life. Today we talk to you about the maintenance of the audio.

Many good sound products have been used and maintained by professional enthusiasts for a period of time. The sound quality has become more honest as it is fermented. The longer the sound is used, the more it is worth playing. It is also the reason why many audio players do not have to change for a long time.

Then, under what conditions should the sound be used? Generally speaking, the ambient temperature should be controlled at least between -10 and 40 C, and the temperature fluctuation should be avoided as much as possible. The excessive temperature change and the use of sound in extremely low and extremely high environment will cause irreversible damage to the sound system. For humidity, the sound should be placed between 50% and 80% of relative humidity. Too humid environment will cause premature failure of components inside the machine or rust inside and outside the body. In addition, the power supply voltage and frequency should be consistent with the local power. For a long time, the audio work will accelerate the aging of the sound in the power conditions of the non rated voltage and frequency.

In addition, the stereo should also avoid direct sunlight and heavy pressure. On the condition of placing space, sound must first avoid the environment with excessive dust and vibration environment. In the sound system, especially the power amplifier is very sensitive to environmental dust. Because of the need for heat dissipation, each power amplifier will have a heat dissipation hole, too much dust will not only seal the heat dissipation hole to obstruct the heat emission, but also cause damage to the concrete circuit after entering the body. In addition, no matter the amplifier or speakers, there must be enough space around them, especially on the amplifier.

In order to make the sound system have longer service life, the signal source equipment should be activated first in the process of using the sound. In addition to the power amplifier, we usually choose sound source equipment such as disc player. During the start-up of several devices, we should pay special attention to the turn off sequence. When you turn on, you should start with the front devices like sound source and disc player, then turn on the power amplifier. When turning off the machine, the sound volume should be adjusted to the minimum. It can not only reduce the impact of the switchgear on the sound, but also do not scare your own jump at the next start of the machine.

When many people buy new audio, they can't help but feel excited. If you want to plug in the power, try it. There is nothing wrong with the test machine, but you should be careful. When the speaker is not connected to the amplifier, the test machine will directly impact. The circuit of the amplifier.

Last but not least, the sound also needs to be kept clean. However, we do not recommend that you use water to wipe the machine. Audio equipment is rarely waterproof, and the outer casing is also made of metal, so water will cause erosion of the outer casing, and the conductivity of water is not suitable for use as a cleaning agent. If your system is in water, be sure to turn it off as soon as possible, wipe it off with a dry cloth and continue using it.