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Six factors that distinguish sound quality from acoustics

Date:2018/6/14 15:35:00

Sound quality is subjective and abstract. The higher the sound reproduction, the better the sound quality. In short, distinguishing the various types of musical instruments, the sounds of various musical instruments, and the feelings of immersiveness, the closer to the actual sound quality is.

Sound quality is closely related to many factors. For example, the quality of the audio (sound source), the low bit rate MP3 music document and the music CD contrast, in the detail of the music will appear more monotonous, the lack of some details of the music,  natural in the sound quality is discounted.

Teach you a few simple ways to identify sound quality:

  1. Clarity. The beautiful sound quality level is very clear, the diaphaneity is good, each word can hear clearly.

  2. Fullness. Medium and low notes are adequate, high notes moderate, warm, comfortable and elastic. If the reverberation time is relatively short, especially if the reverberation time of low frequency band is shorter than that of medium frequency band, its fullness will not be good. The output frequency characteristic of sound system is poor, lack medium bass, such sound can appear dry and weak, also can't say plump.

  3. Intimacy. It's what people usually call telepathy, that is, there is a sense of communication, a feeling of talking, of hearing voices. The general or poor quality of the sound is not experienced this effect, it will make you feel urgent and distant.

  4. Sense of balance. Refers to the left and right speaker, the main speaker and the auxiliary speaker output power between the proportional coordination and the correct phase. The left and right channels of stereo sound have good consistency, sound and phase are normal. If the sound and phase are sometimes offset and not well coordinated, it is not a good sound quality.

  5. Sense of environment. The space sense of sound is good, gives you a realistic feeling.It is most appropriate to describe the good sound quality with being personally on the scene.

  6. Loudness. In terms of loudness, good sound quality sounds appropriate and comfortable.