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How to configure audio equipment

Date:2018/5/22 15:17:43

The combination of sound equipment configuration has certain rules to follow. It is not a simple match. It takes a lot of money to buy high-end audio equipment. However, the combination of poor sound quality often happens. Different brands of sound equipment have different sound characteristics. The brand's equipment has different sounds because of different grades. It is not difficult to know how to match equipment, but if you want to compose a set of sound equipment that meets your appreciation requirements within the specified price range, there will be more room for future upgrades. It is not easy.

In general, the sound equipment configuration should mainly consider:

①Balance, signal source, amplifiers, and speaker parts should be basically consistent and coordinated in the overall technical performance grade, so that the overall quality is higher.

②Complementary, from the perspective of sound quality evaluation, the sound equipment combination should follow the "cold, warm complementary", "fast and slow match", but this is not half of each other and in order to avoid losing personality.

③Practicality, the combination of audio equipment do not blindly pursue high-end times, do not deviate from the limitations of the actual listening environment and economic affordability, according to the actual conditions combined to meet the personal preferences of the sound quality is the highest level of the combination.

How to match a set of audio equipment that meets one's own sense of hearing? First of all, we must clarify our intention of listening, and determine which type of sound we prefer, whether it is soft and sweet, or whether it is a strong rhythm. At the same time, we must also make sure that the audio system is always placed. - The type of music, whether it is popular songs, light music, jazz or classical symphonic music, will be targeted so that a sound system that satisfies one's own requirements can be created.

The second is to consider the influence of the listening environment. The environment has a great impact on the sound equipment. We must consider this issue when selecting equipment. For example, the size of the sound room determines the size of the sound box. The strength of the wall reflection in the listening room also plays a significant role in the sound and listening environment. The improvement of sound effects and the smooth matching of equipment will have a multiplier effect.

The third point is that the selection and matching of audio equipment should be based on a certain understanding of the characteristics of the equipment (including the price level, technical characteristics, sound characteristics, manufacturers, and evaluation of media and experienced enthusiasts, etc.) It should not be based on rumors or Wang Po selling melon-style ads, if you can not do this, the choice will inevitably have blindness or even be misled to buy the wrong equipment.

The fourth point is to clarify expenditures to narrow down the scope of choice so that the right equipment can be found quickly within its own ability to pay.

The fifth point is to be selected for auditions. Auditions include two kinds of single equipment and complete equipment. When listening to a single piece of equipment, you should choose a set of better quality equipment as a reference, if you want to listen to the amplifier, use the same software, listen to the reference combination, and then change on the amplifier you want to try and compare the two amplifiers to understand their respective characteristics, from which to pick out the most satisfying One. Other equipment should also take the same method, and then try to listen to their preliminary satisfactory equipment. If the overall sound effect of the time is not satisfied, then one of the equipment can be replaced until the overall sound effect is satisfied. In fact, the process of the equipment trial is the process of equipment matching.

The sixth point is to adjust. When the sound equipment is bought back, the sound may be different from that heard in the sound store. At this time, we should first determine the cause of the equipment or the cause of the environment and solve the problem by adjusting it gradually so that the potential of the equipment can be fully realized. The adjustment of the equipment includes the position of the pendulum, the improvement of the sound environment and the exchange of various wire materials. The former two have great influence on the sound, and the sound effect should be corrected and improved in time, so as to correctly identify the correct choice.