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Show you the TV system

Date:2018/3/16 10:57:44

There are many formats of video signals, and there are many differences in different formats. In order to ensure consistency, the signals emitted by each national television station will be unified. The standard of television signal is abbreviated as the format, and different countries adopt different TV formats.


For example, China's domestic analog TV adoption is the standard of PAL, and the resolution is 720X576@50Hz. The standard of analog television in the United States is the NTSC system, with a resolution of 720X480@60Hz.

The standard distinction lies in its different resolution and different frequency, signal bandwidth and frequency difference, color space conversion between different etc..

There are differences in the reception methods of different standard signals. Only following the same technical standards can the television receive and play programs normally. Just like power outlets and plugs, specifications can be inserted together. China's plug can't be inserted in the British standard power outlet. For example, you bought a cell phone in Hongkong, the charger is British rule, and you need to add a connecting head to charge it on the domestic outlet. The television signal is similar, only the same mode, can the smooth docking. Of course, now the TV motherboard is constantly improving, many of them support the full production.

The system adopted by all countries in the world is divided into three categories, which are known as the three major forms of PAL, NTSC, and SECAM. If the TV sets support the three signals at the same time, it can be understood as a full TV support system.

Formatting Status

PAL system: Germany, China, Hongkong, Britain, Italy, Holland, the Middle East and other countries and regions;

NTSC system: the United States, Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and other countries and regions adopted;

SECAM system: used by France, the former Soviet Union and countries in Eastern Europe and Africa.

The above said PAL, NTSC, SECAM refers to the three categories of color television production, and the actual subdivision of the sound mode of the standard. For example, China's domestic adoption is the PAL BG sound mode, the Hongkong area adopted is the PAL I sound mode.