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Quantum Dot TV and OLED TV blazing

Date:2018/1/15 10:06:12

In that CES 2018 show,quantum dot television (QLED) and AMOLED TV two camps continue to struggle, the war from 4K resolution to 8K;But because QLED penetration is still low this year, Samsung is officially showing off its 146-inch Micro LED TV this year,to attract the eye of the market.

Fan Boyu, associate research officer at WitsView, points out that the 8K TV has been hearing only stairs for the past few years,but as the Tokyo Olympics approach in 2020, image standard-setting and ecosystem construction are taking shape,plus big brand of SHARP, Samsung and SONY have been receiving 8K TV programs to speed up the development of the 8K panel supply chain.

But the 8K panel is more difficult to produce, and it also focuses on the super-sized TV market above 65 inches,the product will be positioned at the ultra - high - order market at the top of the pyramid , and the market size is not easily expanded at the initial stage .

Samsung is expected to launch in 2018 8K QLED TV high order TV, LG Electronics currently still in the UHD AMOLED TV,however, the Group's LG display has developed an 8K AMOLED TV panel to cope with future trends in the high-order television market,show QLED TV and AMOLED TV camp competition is still fierce.

In 2017, WitsView said, the penetration rate of AMOLED TVs in the television market was about 0. 7%, and was expected to exceed 1% in 2018;QLED TV camp due to insufficient product highlights, temporarily at disadvantage,the sales performance is also lower than expected , and the market penetration rate is only 1 - 1.5 % in 2017 - 2018 .

Since QLED TV sales are not easy to boost,Samsung has turned to some of its resources to develop Micro LED TVs,at CES this year,a 146 - inch ultra - large size Micro LED is introduced,the market expected,before the quantum dot technology has made more significant progress,Samsung will continue to develop Micro LED TV.