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Simple Technology participates in the 33rd Vietnam Expo

Date:2024/4/18 11:50:35


The 33nd Vietnam Expo 2024 was held at the Hanoi International Exhibition Center (ICE) from April 3 to 6. Vietnam is one of the ten ASEAN countries with the fastest industrial growth rate. In 2023, the industrial production growth rate will reach 10%. With the development of Vietnam's economy and the continuous promotion of the "One Belt, One Road" strategy, as well as the implementation of preferential tax commitments on imported goods, the procurement and entrepot trade show a boom trend. More and more Chinese enterprises choose to explore the international market in Vietnam. In the context of Vietnam's deep integration into the global economy, Simple Technology is also paying more and more attention to the development of the Vietnamese market.


Simple Technology has always attached great importance to participating in professional industry exhibitions. It can not only show the strength of our products in the same industry, but also serve our customers more closely. It can also see the shortcomings of our own and constantly improve ourselves from the same peers participating in the exhibition.Perhaps from a certain exhibition, we can not see immediate results, received a lot of orders, but we believe that through the company's vigorous publicity and promotion, coupled with follow-up development work, more information fusion and exchange with all aspects of the industry, professional exhibitions will truly become a service to our brand push. Broad, let products and company strength better show to customers, let our brand effect spread throughout China, to the world.


Simple Technology has a long-term vision and established a long-term brand development strategy. We always regard technological innovation as the core driving force, not only focusing on the current market demand, but also paying attention to the future development trends of technology. At the same time, we also thank all colleagues at Simple Technology for their cooperation, support, and hard work towards common goals.