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2023 Conghua Happy Journey

Date:2023/12/20 17:08:59

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The annual company tourism team building event of Simple Technology in 2023 has come to a successful end. We are grateful that Simple Technology has allowed us to escape the pressure of busy life, discover and seek the beauty of life, and enrich our life experience! This time we came to the Qianlonggou Waterfall in Conghua, which has been far away from the city for a long time, with well protected ecological environment and a negative oxygen ion content of 100000 units per cubic centimeter, like a secret realm. Walking in this natural environment, breathing in the air of the negative ion, and carrying a faint scent of soil, occasionally with a hint of sunlight shining through the bamboo forest, it is incredibly comfortable!


Qianlong Waterfall, with a drop of over 80 meters and a width of over 290 meters; The waterfalls are arranged in rows, flowing straight down, and the sound shakes the valley. The mist is shrouded in mist, and the momentum is extraordinary, comparable to the Huangguoshu Waterfall. Step by step, the scenery becomes more and more spectacular as we climb up. This landscape spectacle is truly a feast for the eyes of my colleagues!


After descending from the Qianlong Waterfall, we stayed at the characteristic homestay in Conghua. Surrounded by picturesque mountains and fields, this is a true mountain homestay with a peaceful and comfortable outdoor environment, perfect for friends who want a quiet vacation or want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, colleagues from Simple Technology have found their own utopia and experienced the dreamy wilderness homestay.


The homestays here provide excellent comfort and quality. The room design is simple, the space is spacious, and the bed is clean and comfortable; A clear and bottomless swimming pool, where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the green mountains in your eyes, and the illusion reflected by the blue sky and white clouds in your surroundings, as if it were real or illusory, which is intoxicating; There are three open-air mineral therapy hot springs in the courtyard, with starry spots visible at night, allowing for intimate contact with nature and a comprehensive relaxation experience for the body, mind, and spirit; The house is equipped with a KTV room, and as night falls, music, wine, and friendship intertwine into a beautiful scene; It is also equipped with a mahjong table, where colleagues can compete in card skills.


It's dinner time, my colleagues set up an outdoor tent, set up our self-developed outdoor video speaker, and entered the entertainment super high mode. We make barbecue ourselves, not just a simple meal, but our attitude towards life. Barbecue comes with a strong atmosphere of fireworks and martial arts, making Simple Technology more like a big family and more home like. Outdoor barbecue in the mountains of the homestay provides a unique flavor, and we also prepared fireworks to enhance the fun.


On an inky night, fireworks bloom in the darkness, instantly dazzling and bursting with dazzling brilliance. Fireworks bloom like peacocks opening their tails, and then fall like scattered flowers from the sky, red, green, yellow, blue Various colors decorate the sky exceptionally beautiful, and colleagues are intoxicated by it. Soaking in hot springs and watching fireworks, this is truly a wonderful night!


The next day, in order to help our colleagues achieve the same goals, trust each other, unite and cooperate in their future work, and explore a broader world, we prepared several small games to allow Simple Technology employees to unite and help each other in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, cultivate teamwork skills and strategic tactics, and train internal coordination skills within the team.


In the afternoon, the sunlight shines through the gaps of green leaves and sprinkles on the winding mountain road, making people feel as if they are in a charming dream. We stood in the golden orange orchard, shocked by the sight of this bountiful harvest. The orange trees in the garden sway gently in the breeze, and golden fruits hang on the branches, adding endless joy to this season. We can all enjoy the fruits in this garden to our heart's content. The skin is thin and soft, juicy, and the taste is sweet but less sour!


With ideals and emotions, a new way of life and culture, we have come to rural fields, deep mountains, and lakesides. This journey to Conghua has made us feel that homestays are poetry and distant places, making us unable to help but pick up forgotten memories, reminiscing about the dreams and old shadows of childhood, the voices and backs of loved ones... This trip is truly worthwhile, and we look forward to gathering again next year!